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​Soon after his birth, Daniel Exler survived a jaundice. As a small child, he fell into a hole and was nearly drowned. At primary school, he could not keep up with his class. So he decided to turn to God and prayed: `Jesus, if you´re really there, help me please!` His prayer obviously helped him because his school achievement was improving and finally he was able to graduate with good marks.

In 2001 he fell sick with MS (multiple sclerosis), an incurable chronic illness. But he was miraculously healed. From his own experience Daniel Exler is profoundly convinced: `Miracles are for real!`

He was carried up to heaven for the first time in 2013 and has experienced this regularly since then.
Daniel is a dynamic preacher who gives his life to see that the Gospel goes out to all the world and that the Kingdom of God is built worldwide. His heart burns for mission and therefore he regularly travels in his home country as well as abroad, where he and his team preach the gospel, encourage with strong messages, pray for healing and deliverance, and also teach and serve in the areas of the prophetic and supernatural.

Daniel Exler is a pastor of the mission work called “Rays of Joy” in Pforzheim, Germany and, in addition to his work as a preacher, he is also known as an author and through numerous sermons and videos on YouTube. 

Besides his work in the church, Daniel is a Master of Business Administration and certified tax advisor in his professional life.


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